STQM1114: Calculus 1

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, all students are expected to be able:

1. to grasp the ideas of calculus, to solve or prove any problem using tools or various proving


2. to think analytically, critically and be able to write arguments properly and logically when solving


Course Synopsis

This course is designed to blend an integrated calculus with reasonable goals. This includes conceptual

understanding, proving and capabilities in solving problems. Introduction to logic will be given accordingly

throughout this course. Proving methods, such as direct method, induction, contra positive, converse and

contradiction methods will also be taught in this course. Calculus with single variable and its expansion into

multivariable will be introduced. These include limit, continuity, differentiable functions and all theorems on

continuous and differentiable functions. Application of differential, partial differential and directional

derivatives will also be discussed. Sequences, series and their convergence tests and also single integrals

complete the course.

Course Contents (in 13 weeks)

Important topics to be covered are

1. (Week 1-3) Logic and proofs

2. (Week 3-6) Functions and graphs

3. (Week 6-8) Limit and continuity

4. (Week 8-10) Derivatives and its applications

5. (Week 10-12) Sequences and series

6. (Week 12-13) Functions of two/more variables

Course Method

Lectures and evaluation.

Course Assessments

Final Examination : 40-50%

Mid Examination : 30-40% (Week 8-10)

Tutorial : 20% (Week 4-11)

Total : 100%

Course References

1. Briggs, W. L & Cochran, L. 2010.

2. Smith, R. T. & Minton, R. B. 2008.

3. Anton, H., Bivens, I.C & Davis, S. 2009.

& Sons.

Calculus: Early Transcendentals. Pearson.Calculus. 3rd Edition. McGraw-Hill.Calculus: Early Transcendentals. 9th Edition. John Wiley

Dr. Azmin Sham Rambely (Senior Lecturer) (SET 2)

Room G109, School of Mathematical Sciences

Tel/Fax: 03-89213244/03-89254519



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  1. haziq
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 07:04:37

    saye nak tanye, ade tak buku yang lecturer galakan student beli..?


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