STSF1012: Mekanik


Di akhir kursus ini pelajar-pelajar mestilah:

i. Berkebolehan untuk memahami konsep asas pengukuran dan unit serta kegunaan vektor.

ii. Berkemampuan untuk menerangkan konsep sesaran, halaju, pecutan, dalam gerakan satu, dua dan tiga dimensi.

iii. Berkemampuan untuk memahami hukum Newton dan kegunaannya.

iv. Berkebolehan untuk memahami konsep daya dan gerakan.

V Berkebolehan untuk memahami konsep keabadian tenaga dan momentum.

vi. Berkebolehan untuk memahami konsep gerakan membulat

vii Berkebolehan untuk memahami konsep ketumpatan dan tekanan bendalir dan hukum yang berkaitan.


This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts in physics for mechanics. The course begins with introduction to measurement and vector. Kinematics motion in one dimension is discussed. The following topic are kinematics motion in two and three dimension, Newton’s laws, friction, circular motion, work and kinetic energy, conservation of energy, impulse and linear momentum, centre of mass, rotations, gravity and fluid mechanic.







Chapter 1: Introduction: Physics and measurement

Chapter 2: Vectors

Chapter 3: Motion in one dimension

Chapter 4: Motion in two dimensions

Chapter 5: Force and motion: Newton’s laws of motion

Chapter 6: Applications of Newton’s law

Chapter 7: Work and kinetic energy

Chapter 8: Potential energy and conservation of energy

Chapter 9: Impulse and linear momentum

Chapter 10: Rotation about a fixed axis and torque

Chapter 11: Angular momentum and center of mass

Chapter 12: Equilibrium and elasticity

Chapter 13: Gravity: Newton’s gravitational law, Kepler’s law

Chapter 14: Fluid mechanics: hydrostatic, hydrodynamic


Assignments/exercises: 10 %

Quiz (2-4): 10 %

Mid semester exam: 30 % (early September)

Final exam: 50 % (25 October – 14 November)


Modern Physics, Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning, Canada.


Jewett, J.W. & Serway R.A., 2010, Physics for Scientists and Engineers with

Wiley and Son Inc, New York.

Halliday, D., Resnick, R. and Walker, J., 2008,

Fundamental of Physics, Johncompany.

Reese, R.L., 2000.,

University Physics, Pacific Grove, Brook/Cole PublishingSaunder College Publishing, Orlando.

Serway, R.A. & Beichner, R.j., 2000, Physics for Scientist and Engineers,


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