Project 2 (Assignment week 3 & 4): Notes Summary (GE1155)

Assignment week 3

Blog Maintenance for Teaching and Learning


  • To increase the quality of your students’ blog entries.
  • To encourage students to create a blog for others that reflects these ideas.


  1. Use a blog as a catalyst to generate interest in a new topic and help students see the excitement and energy that can be found in a subject. For example, show the enthusiasm of mathematicans.
  2. Provide a context or establish a connection and bring relevance to the discussion by using a “real world” situation or example found in a blog.
  3. Critically evaluate an idea or perspective by using examples to support a position.
  4. Add depth to a learning situation by providing a detailed explanation, thoughtful observation, or new resource that provides additional information or insights. For example, use a law blog to learn more about law and ethics.
  5. Broaden thinking by providing an alternative perspective or different point of view. For example, use blogs from different countries to examine cultural differences.
  6. Use blogs to provide current, immediately relevant examples. For example, get the latest science or fashion news.
  7. Provide primary sources or data that help explain an idea already presented. For example, you can track earthquakes and volcanoes. Consider a statistic or graph that illustrates a point.
  8. Look for blogs as a place for new, innovative ideas.
  9. Be the first to present a new idea rather than simply commenting on the work of others.
  10. Ask questions to keep the new idea going.
  11. Bring a number of ideas together. For example, consolidate these comments and draw a new conclusion.

Assignment week 4

1.   i) Author’s name: Leu, Donald J.

      ii) Date of published: 1999

      iii) Article’s topic: Techniques and Strategies for Use in the Classroom

      iv) Title of the book: Teaching with the Internet: Lessons from the Classroom

      v) Place of published: Norwood

      vi) Publisher’s name: Christopher-Gordon Publisher

2.   i) Author’s name: Sylvia Engdahl

       ii) Date of published: 2008

       iii) Article’s topic: Students Have the Right to Blog

       iv) Title of the book: Blogs

      v) Place of published: United States of America

      vi) Publisher’s name: Christine Nasso

3.   i) Author’s name: Jill Walker Rettberg 

       ii) Date of published: 2008

      iii) Article’s topic: What is a Blog?

      iv) Title of the book: Blogging

      v) Place of published: Cambridge, UK

      vi) Publisher’s name: Polity Press

 4.  i) Author’s name: Scott McNulty

      ii) Date of published: 2009

      iii) Article’s topic: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

      iv) Title of the book: “Building A WordPress Blog People Want To Read”

      v) Place of published: Berkeley, CA

      vi) Publisher’s name: Peachpit Press


I have try my best to do the assignment. I have choose notes summary either than mindmap. This because I do not know yet how to do it with my topic which is Blog Maintenance for Teaching and Learning. For this assignment, I have go to library to do researches about the assignment. At first, I felt that the assignment is quite though because I do not have any idea to do it… but know I have finish it.Hope for this assignment I do it right.